Can I have a massage when I am pregnant?

To give you the answer short and sweet: yes, you can!

When you are pregnant your posture changes, realigning the centre of gravity over the hips putting stress on muscles and joints which can cause shoulder, neck, lower back, pelvic, or sciatic nerve pain for some. Edema (swelling) in the ankles, feet and hands is also common especially during the later stages.

As a mum myself, I know how it feels and yes, I did go for a massage too.

At the beginning of the pregnancy it is possible to lay prone (facedown) if you feel comfortable doing so.

If this is not possible or you prefer not, then I will set you up into a side lying position – I have towels and pillows galore to make sure you are warm enough and have enough support for all the necessary areas of your body, positioning you for optimal comfort and safety. If you are having a healthy pregnancy with no major health issues, then massage is safe throughout the entire time.

I have massaged many pregnant women over the years, including one lady with triplets right up until the end of her pregnancy!
I’m aware of areas of caution as well as any contraindications where massage may not be advisable.

I remember my tutor many years ago saying to the class “a pregnant women is not a sick woman so don’t be afraid to massage.”

To benefit from a pregnancy massage I would recommend at least 60 minutes – 90 minutes even better.

I look forward to hearing from you!