No, there’s no dead body in this black bag!

Apart from giving massages in my jail cell, I am quite often out and about in Utrecht on my way to give chair massages at various companies. Its not hard to miss me as I cycle with my (8kg) chair on my back like a rucksack. I have a specific bike, “my massage bike”, which I use to transport my chair – low saddle so my feet can touch the ground whilst I am still sat on it otherwise I would fall off.  If the distance is longer than 30 minutes then I hook up the trailer and my chair sits comfortably in it.

For over 20 years I have been giving chair massages to both big and small companies mainly in and around Utrecht and have got to know the city well – quite often quicker than taking a car and of course very environmentally friendly.

Whilst waiting at traffic lights I am asked “what’s in your bag?”, “is that a musical instrument?” and “is there a body in there?”

My specially adapted chair can be folded out in no time at all, the height and angle can be adjusted on the head rest, arm rest and chest cushion. Knee problems? No problem! – the leg rests can be removed so you can put your feet firmly on the ground at a more comfortable angle.

I do the massage whilst you are fully clothed (upper body) – its a combination of pressure points, kneading and stretching – all in 20 minutes, though 30 minutes is also possible.

Relaxing music? Yes that too if you wish.

Giving on-site corporate chair massages a perfect balance to go with giving massage to private clients in my jail cell.