Physiotherapy? Think again and think “Massage”!

Muscle pain? Stiff neck? Tight lower back? You don’t have to go to the physio – come to Theramas and have a massage! I cannot give a diagnosis, unlike a physio, however, I can for sure give suggestions and help relieve your muscular pain.

Massage is a hands-on therapy for the whole session, however long you choose, in a safe, comfortable, relaxing environment. Whilst massage focusses on muscles and some soft tissues of the body to help relieve the pain and also the stress, physiotherapy, on the other hand, usually focuses on the body parts and provides rehabilitation to improve strength for it to work properly.

Reducing pain by way of massage enhances your movement so you can get on with the things you were unable to do or had difficulty with before – I am able to help you with those things as well as post-massage exercises/stretches to help you on your way to recovery: more range of movement in your neck; you can go back to your dance class or even just being able to touch your toes again!

Mental health and well-being can also be added benefits with a massage, especially during these uncertain, covid times.

To feel the full benefits of massage, you don’t need to book in every day or every week (but you can if you want to!) – after an assessment, chat and the massage we can then decide when the best follow-up session should be. Recognising that you want to take a little slot out of your hectic day to enjoy a massage is a great sign.