Ready to book a massage? Here are some tips!

Getting a massage can be so much more than just pure relaxation – there are many health benefits too. Massages can be an effective treatment for a number of ailments or injuries.

Want some tips to make sure you are prepared?

When you are booking your massage have a think about what type of massage you want and what are your expectations. I always talk to you before we begin to make sure the massage I deliver is what you want. Arrive on time (or even a few minutes early) – this gives you the chance to relax a little and make the most of your upcoming treatment.

Schedule your massage on a day when you don’t have too much planned – try not to squeeze it in during a busy work/home day  – your head may be full of things that still need to be done before the sun goes down – this will hinder your ability to relax during your massage.

Its OK to eat beforehand but make sure its not a huge amount – feeling “stuffed” whilst lying on the table is most uncomfortable.

Communication is vital before, during and after – the more information you give me, the better I can deliver a massage to what you want! Please be honest and open – too much pressure? Not enough pressure? To the best of my ability I try to be aware of any discomfort you may be feeling (fidgeting due to a uncomfortable headrest or cramp in your foot?) but sometimes I just cannot see or detect it so please tell me if this is the case – I will be very grateful as it is obviously sooooo important that you are relaxed throughout the whole session otherwise what is the point?

Breathe – when working on a particularly problematic area, it’s easy to hold your breath and tense up – try and  breathe through the strokes, slow deep breaths. Find a rhythm and stick with it, even when it gets a little bit uncomfortable.

After the massage I give you a few tips/suggestions for what you can do at home – a neck stretch for example or how to use a massage ball. These easy suggestions will help you enhance your massage experience and feel the benefits.

Don’t sit up too quickly as you may become dizzy or feel lightheaded. I can give you help sitting up if you feel safer otherwise I leave you to get up in your own time – there is no rush – I leave plenty of time in between clients so I never need to rush you out the door. If you feel thirsty there is always a glass of water on hand.

Its not “just a massage”, it’s an experience!