Drink water after a massage? What’s the deal?

I always offer a glass of water after a massage in case my client is thirsty. In the past I used to say that the toxins released by the massage needed to be flushed out without questioning the reason. I guess I just heard others say it so often, it became a mantra and I was a bit of a copycat. My view has changed.

Does water really flush out the toxins after your massage and does your massage in fact release toxins?

Many of us do not drink enough water and advice to drink more is of course fine but having a massage does not mean you have to drink extra.

What toxins are we talking about?

Air pollution? Alcohol? Caffeine? Cigarette smoke? Or are they waste/by-products created by the body which are no longer needed? Your body still has to deal with these by-products with or without a massage.

Unwanted waste is dealt with in various ways by the body – for example getting rid of it through urination or being recycled for some other use in the body.

The lungs get rid of carbon dioxide because our bodies can’t have too much of it (makes us too acidic). No water involved.

The liver and kidneys are the main detoxifiers in the human body and as long as your water intake is reasonable (no extra water required) they just march on.

Does massage produce or release toxins?

The body naturally recycles and reprocesses substances in the body and massage makes no difference. It will happen anyway.

Does water help flush the toxins out?

The fluid balance in your body stays stable regardless of whether you drink a little more or a little less – the body does a fantastic job of regulating the substances in your body and adapting them to the outside environment (homeostasis) and you are able to function.

Provided that you have no underlying health issues, organs will detoxify at their own pace – if you don’t want a drink after the massage, totally fine; it does not mean it is ineffective and on the flip side, drinking more will not make it more effective. If you are thirsty, have a drink 😊

Its nice to offer clients a drink of water to quench their thirst after a massage but as far as I tell after researching this blog there is no scientific evidence to suggest that water will flush out the toxins released by the massage.